About us

About us :

Two dope guys with a Quest for Quality & Luxury.
Take crumbs make bread
Take crumbs make bread 
  • Quality is your state of mind
  • Your daily dose of Luxury
  • Luxury is a lifestyle
We work with only the best seamstress and designers to make custom  made goods right here in the United States.
We started of with masks,  due to Covid-19 but,  we quickly realized this is so much more.
By providing our customers with protection but,  with Style.
We will showcase different designers from one season to the next and,  we look forward by going back to products made in the U.S.
We also look forward to providing you with more quality, luxury and great service for years to come.
If you have any questions about the products we provide or what's the next designer doing for the next season shot us an email or call us the fallowing:
EMAIL: OneKindOfDesign@gmail.com
Phone: (214) 997-4293
Darryl Johnson 
marketing Director